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Radicalization Research

HPA Axis 

Whether it is radicalization, chronic cycles of violence or poverty mentality researchers have been trying to find a way to measure, diagnose, and reverse these stress response issues. What we have known for a while is that an extreme stressor occurs which launches an infant, toddler or young adult into an inflammatory response by the body's adaptive mechanism, the HPA and now T axis. That is the hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid axis.  (WOW) Ok do not get intimidated by this just think of it this way. When your body receives an insult, be it physical or emotional (the brain and body have a hard time distinguishing between them) it responds by dumping anti-inflammatory cortisol into the system, (adrenal) followed by a host of responses from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland as the brain tries to run the recovery. Technology pioneered by several American companies including Sanesco Health and NeuroScience researched and developed testing models for this stress response which can diagnose and lay out a treatment plan on an individual basis. (In total over a million tests have been run and is now FDA approved) Peace Possible ™ is using this technology to help prevent radicalization by using a combination of social surveys, PTSD diagnostics, and the cutting edge labs we are speaking of on refugees, orphans, recovered slaves, rescued sex workers, former child soldiers and more. To date we have run over 500 labs in 5 countries, and have presented the data to world leaders who are discussing how to implement new models of medicine in the areas that need it most, world-wide. 

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Medical Care

Peace Possible™ has diagnosed and teated refugees in Iraq, and Jordan (Syrians), orphans in Viet Nam and Senegal, as well as human beings stuck in cycles of poverty and violence in the Dominican Republic. All of this occurred within our first 2 years of existence. The next steps include adding a clinic in Thailand, and creating semi-permanent clinics in some of the of the least medically served areas in the world. 

Research and Development

Why do people become violent? How do children become radicalized? Peace Possible™ has performed the first research in the world on neurotransmitter patterns and radicalization. The results may give way to the first diagnostic test for risk of radicalization, as well as a potential treatment model.  

Functional Medicine in the Field

Peace Possible™ is the first to provide probiotics to every child and patient prescribed antibiotics, amino acid and natural anti-inflammatory therapies to resolve PTSD, focus issues, mood, insomnia and fatigue issues, and more. Functional (Naturopathic) medicine may be the key to keeping a young lady from returning to life as a sex worker, or a young man or women from joining ISIS. 


Last year, Dr. Weiss of Peace Possible™ presented the first research of its kind linking neurotransmitter chemistries to radicalization at the CRIC School of Oxford. Currently over a dozen medical schools and organizations are asking for our education. Soon, the information gleaned will have to potential to be applied around the world.   

 New Frontiers ers

Peace Possible™ has been asked to look into medical models which whip infections without creating antibiotic resistance. Right now, people world-wide are dying from infections because their antibiotics no longer work. Currently (1) child dies every (9) minutes from a resistant infection. Wellcome Trust, CARB-X, ReAct, and more have invited Dr. Weiss to Ghana to start generating new ideas.